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About us

We have been engaged in PR and marketing since 1997 and know how to find effective solutions for big multinational companies and medium and small enterprises. We do not build castles in the air, but focus on the outcome. We know how to be creative.

Our key staff have experience in working with the biggest national media.

I am a member of the Chamber of Public Relations.


We have been working for big and small companies from various industries.

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Communications and PR

The public will know about you.


Media Relations

  • Communications strategy
  • PR campaign
  • Press releases
  • PR articles
  • Press conferences
  • Media monitoring

Crisis communication

  • Crisis situation prevention and simulation
  • Crisis communication manual
  • Communication 24/7 (nonstop)
  • Creation of a crisis team

Internal communication

  • Strategy analysis and draft
  • Magazines, newsletters, intranet
  • Communicating the necessary information
  • Events for employees

Media training

  • How to work with the media
  • Practical advice and tricks
  • Exercises in presentation skills
  • Special training in front of a camera and microphone


  • Laws, decrees
  • Parliament
  • State institutions and local government
  • Arguments, support documents

Organizing events

  • Turnkey productions
  • Conceptual designs
  • Selection of the location
  • Ensuring the program
  • Catering and technical equipment
  • Invitations, verifying attendance
  • Accommodation


Marketing mix tailored to your needs


Product marketing

  • Analysis and strategy
  • Campaigns & launches
  • Creative designs
  • Complex product support: photos and videos, printing, on-line, direct mail, adverts, PR


  • Communication style analysis
  • Corporate identity
  • Contents
  • Layout, graphic design, printing
  • Annual reports, brochures, leaflets, magazines


  • Communication analysis and settings
  • Websites, newsletters, mailing
  • Social media
  • Banner campaigns
  • PPC advertising
  • Monitoring, reporting


  • Purchase of media (print and other carriers)
  • Paid PR
  • Adverts

Photos & videos

  • Professional photos
  • Video presentations
  • Event documentation
  • Make-up artists and stylists


We had and have the opportunity to work for big and smaller companies from various lines of business and public life

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